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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

E=MC2 - a fan review

...i bought Mariah's E=MC2 last Sunday when i saw it already available at a local Astroplus outlet - the original plan for that day is just to do groceries and go home - the saleslady even said that the album has been available since 2 weeks ago (which is of course a lie - bad sales pitch tsk tsk)

...i'm a little bit disappointed with the album layout, it would be nothing compared to what they did with the "Emancipation of Mimi" - there was super effort when that album was made, from the promo pics, album layout and of course with the music...this disc only have 2 photos of Mariah and the rest of the pages were laid out for the song lyrics - which Mariah always does in all of her albums (it was something expected) - i just wished that she could have included more photos like what she had in "Butterfly and Emancipation"


...i popped the disc in and it saved what it failed in the album layout...most of the cuts were really tight - it's more RnB/hip-hop infused with a mix of reggae, gospel and midtempo love songs - most likely the same formula she used in Emancipation which i think is golden! (this album though did not show much of Mariah's vocal range - less whistles, less high notes but that's fine)...

...these are some of the tracks that i felt deserved more time listening to :) - these on top of the previous 3 tracks i've managed to overplay in my iPod (Touch my body, Migrate, Bye Bye)

I Stay in Love - i really would want her to make this the 2nd single instead, it has that "we belong together" formula that makes it an excellent ballad...although it's something i can't relate to, it's one track that i can play while having some sweet lovin' dance with my special someone hehehe

Download "I Stay in Love"

Cruise Control - this is a new sound for her, with fewer low notes throughout the whole song and of course being with Damian Marley on the track makes the song an instant reggae treat :)

Download "Cruise Control"

I Wish You Well - capping it off with Bible-quoting, upright-piano gospel, (you can hear those familiar verses being done in "Fly like a bird") - there is no other better way to end an amazing album with a final blow

Download "I Wish You Well"

...go grab the album, it's super worth it! :)


Holyboy27 said...

For The Record is good too!

ash said...

glad you liked it :)