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Friday, April 25, 2008

bittersweet and goodbyes

...i'm smiling for a special reason and even singing for it (my blog stalking paid off) the end - i'll have the last laugh felt sooo good it's unhealthy

...moral of the story for you (yeah you! know who you are) - don't take a person for granted specially when he's at his best coz you don't know what you've got till it's gone :)


...and as usual, i'm the worst person when it comes to goodbyes...i still don't know how to handle such situations...i may have started my stint here in Clark in the wrong foot specially with the team leads, but i guess i did just fine with the agents...they've given me such a great experience the whole time i was here and that's something i'll be taking with me to Cebu :)

...they've made something as a sendoff gift - though it's not yet finished, they'll have it sent out in the mail by next week...stuff like this, no matter how simple sometimes can be the best thing you can ever wish for - because you know that the effort given was something from the heart and is genuine

...'m getting all cheesy but true :)

...Subic here i come :)

...time to hit the beach


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