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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

i'm about to call it quits this time network's dead - AGAIN!


...i've been thinking of really calling it quits with Globe lately (unless they'll have my rebates increased every month - my phone bill's bit high the past 2 months), this i think is the 4th time something like this signal at! (i'm wondering what could their excuse be this time? - maybe it has do something with the military bunker i'm in right now)

...hey, at least i got an excuse why my phone is being boring for the last few hours...i dont' know how long this one gets fixed...depressing

...anyhoo, it was Country night earlier at American Idol with "Backwood Barbie" Dolly Parton as the mentor - and my fave was from Michael Johns - it's powerful and raw...and yeah it's so wrong yet sooo right :)

...can't wait for the Mariah week on AI the next week :)

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