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Thursday, April 03, 2008

"they even miss your mood swings" of my agents when i was still starting as a team lead sent in this email earlier - she will be resigning and i was quite touched with what she said :)

"You were so busy preparing to leave for Pampanga so we didn't have the chance to talk. You also mentioned you're not good at saying goodbye. Anyway,  I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me tl. If you hadn't pushed me, I never would've been promoted. Thank you for your tolerance and your understanding especially when I was going through some rough phases w/ my marriage. I know you said you're not very good w/ emotional situations but you did just fine.  Our working relationship wasn't perfect ( nothing is) but I was able to appreciate you more when you left. Its really true that you get to realize the value of someone when he is gone. My teammates feel the same. They even miss your mood swings."

...suddenly i miss the whole team i left behind, i may not be the perfect team lead for them but i did what i can to make them better :)

***this pic is wayyy old and half of them in this picture is no longer even with the company


..and speaking of goodbyes, Ramiele got booted off Idol, too bad she didn't make it far till the Mariah night - but i'm still proud of her for making it that far :) - probably she would be hitting the Philippine shores to have some post idol victory career :)


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