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Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things

tagged by Maui :)
so here it goes...

1. I have an obsession for anything that is orange - Tonio (my Macbook) is the perfect example.

2. I have a 3-year old blog, it's my little narcissistic shrine...and i read older posts to reminisce from time to time.

3. I don't eat anything with curry or coco cream in it.

4. My dream job is to become a barista for Starbucks. I'm planning to do a part-time later this year.

5. I can't use a single straw. It has to be two and yeah, the same rule applies for coffee jellies bwehehe

6. My dream place is Japan. That's the first place i'm going if i already saved enough money.

7. I always wanted to become a doctor. It's one profession i always write when signing slumbooks and autographs hehe

8. I know 6 people who shares the same birthday with me. All are my friends excepts Ate V. bweheheh

9. I'm a big fan of Mariah Carey, as if that's a surprise.

10. I used to collect Marvel cards when i was a kid and trade them for marbles.

11. I hunt/collect bees and place them in matchboxes like other boys do with spiders when i was still in gradeschool.

12. I have a mySpace account and i no longer remember the password for it.

13. I hate the fact that I am getting older! And not younger… 25?! oh em gee!

14. I like to collect caps yet i don't wear them much

15. I don't smoke, never wanted to.

16. I already lost 4 iPods since 2004, that's almost 1 iPod per year.

17. I used to change hair color every 2 months - from blonde, to silver, to ash...but i always wanted to try pink.

18. I'm attracted to bald guys...they always deserve a second "intentional" look.

19. I blame weight gain for daily coffee dose, lechon and my love-hate relationship with rice.

20. I can cook chicken adobo and paksiw na bangus really well or at least i think so - ask Sheila C.

21. I get 10-11 hours of sleep everyday...non-negotiable

22. I'm fatally allergic to Penicillin.

23. I can no longer wear my Armani muscle shirts - all of 'em...i hate my hour glass figure (the bottom part of the hour glass by the way).

24. I love La Greta

25. I miss my old friends...Goldine in NY, Arlyn in SF, Krishan in Canada and my girls in Cee-Dee-Oh - I hope to see them all again soon :)

...and yeah, i'm off to Sumilon in a few hours...yey!

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