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Sunday, January 11, 2009

please don't worry 'bout me i'm fine

...i went paranoid couple of days ago having thought that i'm getting symptoms of dengue...i had an on-off fever (though i didn't bother to take my exact temp), i got a sore throat for no reason (i don't remember doing deep throat lately bwahaha or any of that blow related stuff) and i'm feeling dizzy most of the time (worst is during halfway my shift - it happened even when i'm sitting down)

...searched google for some info about what i'm going through and the most common hit was dengue...i took a day off from work and got a CBC test and an x-ray at Chong Hua and waited for a couple of hours for the result and it turned out that i'm perfectly fine...i just needed some rest which i did...went home and slept early

...i just remembered i'm too fly to be depressed hehehe...and yeah, paranoid

1 comment:

Keith said...

it's good to be praning sometimes wuie... glad you're ok...