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Saturday, January 24, 2009

super vintage

...Saturday shift for me is always a killer...not because of too much work but because of lack of it...most of the time, i get to take care of all important work stuff from Tuesday to Friday that i usually have nothing left to do come Saturday (yeah, too much of a slack time actually)

...i still have 3 hours to go before my shift ends and boredom is killing me softly...i ended uploading super vintage pictures in Facebook earlier (some were even from 5 years ago hehehe)

...this pic was taken during my first week in Manila (i was just starting to have my training then at that time - and yeah, i still don;t have any hair color at all)


...this one's taken 3 years ago, random Sunday picture while having dinner with a friend


...and i'm planning to post more probably later if i still don't have something to last resort is to take escalated calls from my shift and give their team leads extra breaks hehehe

...almost everyone's moving to Facebook these days...Friendster is sooo last last year bwheehhe

...i just had a new hair color and a cut, i'll take pictures later after dinner...i'm feeling quite lethargic

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