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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tired, late and a music video premiere

...spent one crazy weekend (well, tiring would be the perfect word for it)...spent Sinulog weekend with my bestfriend though most of the time we were locked up inside the hotel because Fuente was insanely crowded (we were booked in Rajah Park Hotel which was right in the middle of Fuente)


...this is what it looked like below...crowded is an understatement


...only managed to get 3 hours of sleep coz i had a stratplan scheduled (yeah, nasty work stuff - total spoiler)...did a powerpoint presentation with an aching head and took a dip in the pool right after dinner time


...finally got my package from the mail but it's a bit too late...the weather's back to it's usual way...and it's not that cold anymore...i'll be keeping these babies until i can get the perfect time to use them again

Photobucket least this one is something you can pull off on a normal Friday night (dressdown time bb)


...and lemme end this post with a random pic hehehe (taken over the Sinulog weekend)


..CHISMIS!!! bweheheh

...and ow, one last thing, if you got Facebook, check out my first ever music had it's World Premiere 2 hours click bwehehe

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