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Sunday, January 25, 2009


...stop calling me or sending me text messages, i guess it will be more easy that way...i thought we can be friends and act like everything went ok but i guess i was wrong...i never thought you'd see me that way - someone putting you through much shame...cold, heartless and yeah evil...

Photobucket did apologize for the things you said but you already said it, i never left you for no reason...i had lots of them and i told you those...i wouldn't fall out of love just because someone didn't try giving me a call on my birthday - yeah petty stupid birthday (cue in Aly and AJ's "Potential Break-up Song")

...spare me about pre-conceived rules of break-up...i'm never the type who follow such stuff and you know that...maybe i owe you some courtesy but not to the extent you'll end up saying hurtful things about me...but then again you probably think those won't bother me, after all..i'm heartless


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