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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sinulog time bb!

...everyone's enjoying Sinulog...and so am i get to spend it with my bestfriend :)


...enjoy everyone :)


...i hate the fact that some of my friends can't come over because of cancelled flights (my bestfriend's last resort was to travel 6 hours to Davao just to get to Cebu)damn! A+ for effort my friends!

...spent a nice big family dinner earlier (well, not really my biological family heheh but my bestfriend's)'s always nice to spend dinner with spoiled kids around in full nosebleed mode - they're just soo cute


...Cyma's Baklava was quite disappointing though or maybe i just don't like the fact that they had cinnamon powder spread all over it...Tinderbox's version was way better...oh well, at least the Souvlaki's perfect as always :)


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