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Thursday, January 22, 2009

laundry self-service turned out i'm free this Friday night and what way best to spend it than doing my laundry (again) has been a routine now for the last 3 days since i changed schedule that i must do laundry before going to's the best alternative to my ever dependable anti-histamines the fact that the weather's back to normal, i don't need any spin dryer...right after waking up, the first thing on the list is to get them off from the clothesline and fold 'em up...this is such a stress-free thing and it made me feel more domesticated hehehe (yeah, like the desperate housewife material)

...i wish i can be as gorgeous as Shakira when doing my laundry noh?


...who knows, i can make this a fallback career bwheehe

...and ow by the way, i didn't mean to hurt you, and you're over-reacting...and i'm tired of being sorry (as if it will do any good)

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