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Sunday, January 04, 2009

that was boring

...since my company was not able to host an annual x-mas party, they decided to have a new year kick-off party instead - Mardi Gras style...but much to my dismay (and i'm sure there are others out there) it turned out to be one big was one of the lamest party i've been in years...the food was stale (i'd be happier if they served some cheeseburgers) , the host was plain boring and was trying too hard to be funny...they had a Beyonce impersonator whose performance was desperate, it was laughable (lesson learned , never do a solo act of "Single Ladies" in public)

...if there's any consolation, at least the after party was way better...spent it with some of my fab fag friends (they made me look underdressed hehehe)

...had few bottles of beer which was beyond my normal alcohol tolerance..and when i started feeling tipsy i decided to call it a night and went home

...whoever organized that party should make amends...tsk tsk

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