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Thursday, January 15, 2009

deja vu

...i'd be taking an off from work tomorrow for no apparent reason (oh, actually there is but i'm too embarrassed to say it bwehehe)

...the weather still didn't change (not that i'm complaining)..i actually like it - it gives me the perfect excuse to go on hibernate mode without having to turn the AC on supa-cool mode...and it gives me the chance to wear my fave jackets (and i'm waiting for 2 new ones in the mail which should be here today or tomorrow the latest - just your basic hoodies from Gap)...i just hope they fit coz i've chosen XL sizes for kids bwehehehe :)

...i'm bored lately and i got nothing much to talk about...i'll just go back to wactching re-runs of AI premiere (gosh, can't believe it has already been a year ago)...time to pick a favorite :)

...memories...felt like they all happened all over again

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